The bigger your business, the more time you seem to spend in meetings. Trying to capture everyone’s different wants, needs, opinions and outcomes – trying to get everyone to agree and engage – can become a full time job.

  • There’s a number of reasons engaging Startling to run workshops and training is a good idea

The most simple is that we’re really good at gathering requirements and delivering your outcomes. We work with businesses and groups of all sizes, from entrepreneurs needing a focus group, to multi-million pound enterprises who need to cut through internal politics or add additional skills into the room.

  • Our impartiality allows us to acknowledge, and work through, internal politics and tensions

We support your teams in absorbing new concepts and scenarios, capturing their concerns and needs. Business change can be painful, challenging, unavoidable and incredibly rewarding… and we are experts at guiding teams to effective outcomes.

  • The challenge is to meet your desired outcomes, whilst still allowing working groups to reach their own conclusions

Before each workshop we meet with senior stakeholders to capture your desired outcomes, and to test your initial assumptions. We design bespoke agendas for workshops and training programmes, but still keep things flexible enough to react to the attendees needs and responses in real-time. That’s how we consistently achieve such high levels of engagement and ‘buy-in’.

Our Workshops

We facilitate workshops and training for up to 50 attendees – on-site at your location, or ideally taking your teams out of their 9-to-5 headspace to an external venue. The goal is to create relaxed, safe spaces where everyone feels comfortable to air their opinions in a respectful atmosphere.

Almost all our sessions are whiteboard based, as we know this is the most effective tool to maintain engagement – we only use slideshows when absolutely necessary. We also prefer to include food and drink in our workshops, to reduce barriers to participation.

ALL our sessions are interactive, even when we are delivering ‘training’. Following each, we provide outcome reports where we summarise our views of the teams engagement, their buy-in, any concerns, plus outcomes and proposed next steps.

Previous Topics

Here are just a few of the topics we’ve covered in previous workshops and training sessions. Each workshop we run is different, with its own outcomes… nothing we deliver is ‘off the shelf’.

  • Working Differently – how to ditch 9 to 5 and migrate your team to true flexible working
  • Becoming Agile – mapping YOUR business roles to Agile & Scrum
  • Business Analysis – effective requirements gathering techniques
  • Business Strategy – defining your mission statement, vision & values
  • Dragons Den’ style sessions – create an idea, pitch and marketing strategy
  • Interactive Focus Groups & Ideas sessions – filling a room with your customers or sector experts, to generate ideas and challenge assumptions about your products and business


We deliver bespoke workshops and training sessions from as little as £995 + vat for a half day.

Contact Us

Every project we support starts with a free workshop – face to face or online – to discuss your ideas and your requirements. We’re always happy to sign NDAs in advance.

If you’re a larger organisation, we’ll even run a free ‘Innovation Coffee Morning‘ for up to 30 of your team members. Simply enter your details before and we’ll be in touch ASAP.

Or for an even quicker response, call now on 0333 366 0170.