Business Support

 Startling help businesses of all sizes.

We provide Business Support to international corporate businesses, startups or scale-ups, new and seasoned entrepreneurs, even students and pre-startups. We meet a lot of different people and teams.

For businesses with larger teams, we can help you introduce effective processes, logically restructure your organisation based on current best practices, roll out new systems, or introduce energy and innovation into your teams

Here’s some of what we do.

Process Development

Are your teams working effectively or chaotically? Do they have live processes that support them on a daily basis, rather than sitting in a drawer?

We can review your internal processes, suggest improvements, help you roll them out and benchmark the extra value they unlock.

Organisation Review

Do you feel that your organisation could be more effectively structured? Are you using existing staff most effectively, or recruiting based on logic and business priority?

We can map your existing structure, and suggest improvements to achieve outcomes and help you scale with less stress.

Tech & Systems Review

We’ve decades of experience helping businesses procure systems and software. 

We’ll gather accurate requirements, create focused score-cards, trawl the market on your behalf and bring only the best providers to your table. Then, we’ll help implement your new system and processes.

Innovation Culture

If your team could use more energy, has lost their creative spark… or just needs space to be imaginative, we can help.

We’ve helped dozens of businesses create a culture of innovation through open and honest events, workshops and fun ideation sessions.

Agile Support

We love agile, in fact we’ve helped lots of businesses implement it across all their teams.

We can help you find the level of agile that works best for you, and create a rollout plan that’s exciting instead of terrifying!

Project Rescue or Retire

Have you got so far into a failing project that you don’t know how to get it working, or even whether you should? Is ‘sunk cost fallacy’ making it difficult to think straight?

We’ve taken many failing projects and helped businesses decide how to proceed – or whether to let them fail, and how to deal with the fallout!

  Honest, logical, direct and fair

In order to provide business support in the most effective way, and to bring the most value, we need to be honest. All our decisions and proposals are based on logic and thorough analysis, so we are able to be direct about everything we recommend.

That doesn’t mean we are rude, uncaring or unfair… we wouldn’t get asked back if we were. We care deeply about creating environments where teams can challenge and be challenged in a safe, supportive amosphere. We know that ultimately, it’s people make a business, and getting the best for your business means finding the best you can for them.

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We’re super friendly, and always happy to talk about what you need. 

We’ll never pressure you – we listen, and we’re honest about how we can help you.

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