Event Design

  Startling design and run innovative events.

In the last few years, we’ve used our event design skills to help create and deliver hundreds of business events. 

Most of the events we run are unique and informal, while still delivering the event outcomes for our sponsors.

We’ve attracted sponsorship in the past from local councils, national businesses, and international companies like Tesla. Our events bring value to everyone who is involved.

Here’s some examples of the type of events we run.

Innovation Workshops

These fully interactive events are our bread and butter. We’ve delivered these events for thousands of businesses, students and entrepreneurs.

We create an engaging space where attendees can suggest, argue and ultimately create something amazing… all within 1 to 2 hours!

Digital Show ‘n’ Tell

Want to show your customers – current and future – how truly innovative you are?

We’ll help you find the newest products and innovators within your – or any – sector, and bring them together in an event that showcases the truly cutting edge.

Remodelling Business

Do you have a business model, approach or industry which is… challenging, or starting to feel dated?

We run events that deconstruct the challenges faced, introduce industry experts, and help paint a picture of what the future might hold.


In every industry there are individuals and businesses challenging conventions and trying new things.

We’ll help you find them, bring them to your stage, and show your customers how far ahead you and your business are thinking.

The Work/Life Talk Show

There are people within your network, your team, your customers, who have amazing stories and insights to share.

We’ll create a welcoming, informal environment for you to share and hear those stories, and bring your entire network closer together.

Netwineing & Socials

We don’t like to boast, but we know how to throw a good party. 

Our social events are super relaxed, non-salesy, and feel like the best kitchen at the best party in town. No business card swapping is required.

Most events are genuinely terrible

The reason we originally started offering event design was because historically, most of the events we went to were boring. 

Too much swapping business cards, too much sales in your face, horrible cold, formal spaces with nothing to eat or drink… and usually too long and poorly scheduled.

Since then, we’ve only run events that are welcoming and informal, in the coolest spaces we can find, always with food and drink and always with the most interesting and current topics. That’s how we attracted over 5,500 people to our events across three years!

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